Mazda & Lexus Win KBB Cost-of-Ownership Award

Lexus, Mazda win KBB 5-Year Cost To Own Awards

We focus a lot on what new cars are like to drive, but it's difficult on a
one-week loan to really get a sense of what a car is like to live with. Sure,
we try to recreate that sense with our long-term vehicles, but even after a
year, it's impossible to know fully learn about a car, particularly in terms
of reliability and cost of repairs. For 2014 model year vehicles, Kelley
Blue Book has put together a list of the most affordable vehicles over a
five-year period.

At the tippy top of the list are Mazda and Lexus, with the Zoom-Zoom
automaker winning the award for best non-luxury brand. Lexus,
meanwhile, was the most affordable luxury marque over a five-year

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KBB's five-year cost-to-own analysis takes into account depreciation and fuel costs (the two biggest hits to a
driver's wallet), as well as finance and insurance costs, as well as repairs, maintenance and state fees that come with
a new model.

Date Posted: February 5, 2014

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